Fiberglass Boat Transom Repair in Tampa, FL

Fiberglass boat transom repairs address damage to the transom, the vertical wall at the back of your boat that connects the hull to the motor. A strong transom is crucial for safety and performance, so any cracks, holes, or soft spots require prompt attention. Here’s a breakdown of the fiberglass boat transom repair services we offer:

  • Visual inspection: We will first thoroughly inspect the transom to determine the extent of the damage, including the size, depth, and location of cracks, holes, or soft spots.
  • Moisture testing: A moisture meter might be used to check for water intrusion within the transom. Waterlogged wood core can significantly weaken the transom.
  • Minor cracks: For hairline cracks solely in the gelcoat layer, a gelcoat repair might suffice. This involves filling the cracks with colored resin and fairing the surface for a smooth finish.
  • Larger cracks and delamination: For cracks penetrating the fiberglass or separating the fiberglass layers (delamination), the repair involves removing the damaged material. This could expose the underlying wood core, which might need to be replaced if rotten. New fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin are then layered to rebuild the strength of the transom. The area is then faired and smoothed to match the surrounding surface.
  • Transom with holes or severe damage: Significant damage might necessitate rebuilding the entire transom. This is a complex process that should only be attempted by a skilled professional like those on the Holland Fiberglass team. It involves removing the damaged fiberglass and core material, replacing it with new wood or composite core, and then rebuilding the fiberglass layers using epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth.

Benefits of Professional Boat Transom Repair:

  • Structural integrity: The transom is a critical structural component and improper repairs can compromise the boat’s safety and performance. We understand how to rebuild the transom to ensure it can withstand the stress of the motor and rough seas.
  • Waterproofing: A properly repaired transom prevents water intrusion that can lead to rot, delamination, and further structural damage.
  • Experience and expertise: Transom repairs, especially complex ones, require specific skills and knowledge to ensure a long-lasting and watertight repair. We have the experience to choose the right materials and techniques for the specific repair needs of your boat.

If you’re a boat owner in the Tampa, FL area and need boat transom repair, Holland Fiberglass is here to help. We have more than 20 years of experience, and a team of 22+ full-time experienced fiberglass experts to help you protect your investment.

For more information on our fiberglass boat and personal watercraft repair services, call us at 813-426-5961 or contact us online

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