Fiberglass Repair and Restoration for Theme Parks, Water Parks, Recreation Centers and More

The team at Holland Fiberglass specializes in fiberglass fabrication along with fiberglass and carbon fiber repair for a variety of recreational locations, including:

  • Theme Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Water Parks
  • Carnivals
  • Carousels
  • Community Parks
  • Koi Ponds
  • Splash Pads 

The fiberglass repair and restoration services we provide for these facilities include:

Fiberglass Sculpture and Sign Renovation
If you promote your business with a unique outdoor dimensional fiberglass sign or sculpture (think of the giant cow outside your favorite steakhouse), you know they can become weathered over time or even get damaged during a big storm.  

Whether your sign needs minor repairs, a simple paint touch up, or a complete restoration, our craftsmen have extensive experience working on fiberglass signs and can restore your sign to its original condition quickly. 

Custom Fiberglass Accents and Decorations
We have collaborated with some of the most imaginative and creative minds in the world to fabricate stunning decorative and architectural elements out of fiberglass. When visiting most major theme parks or riding their thrilling rides, you may see the work of Holland Fiberglass. 

We can turn even the most complicated design ideas into a reality to bring your business to life and create a memorable experience for your clients.

Fiberglass Theme Park and Carnival Ride Renovation
Chances are you’ve been on a log flume ride at one of America’s major theme parks. When those log boats get cracked or damaged, our experienced craftsmen repair the fiberglass before giving the boat a flawless gelcoat finish. In addition to log boats, we have experience repairing roller coaster carts, bumper cars, Ferris wheel buckets, and other theme park and carnival rides in need of fiberglass restoration or painting.

Recreation Center, Park and Water Slide Restoration
We’ve worked on equipment ranging from playground slides and water park rides to koi ponds doing everything from minor repairs to complete restoration and repainting. Our recreation-related fiberglass services include scratch and chip repairs, storm damage repairs, and full painting with gelcoat, epoxy, or urethane products.

Carousel Restoration
A run-down carousel or merry-go-round with chipping, faded paint or damage to the horses and carriages is not only unappealing for visitors but gives an impression of poor maintenance and potential safety risks. We can return your carousel to its former glory by repairing the damaged fiberglass elements and then repainting everything in vibrant, attractive colors using durable gelcoat, epoxy, or urethane paint.

For more information on our fiberglass repair services for theme parks and recreation centers, call us or contact us online

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