Fiberglass Boat Hull Restoration and Repair in Tampa, FL

Fiberglass boat hull restoration and repair can address a wide range of issues, from cosmetic blemishes to structural damage. We offer a wide range of fiberglass restoration and repair services for boat owners in the Tampa area, including:

Minor Repairs (Gelcoat damage):

  • Scratches, nicks, and gouges: These can often be buffed out with a marine-grade polish and compound.
  • Small cracks: Minor cracks solely in the gelcoat can usually be fixed by our team of fiberglass experts.

Learn more about our gelcoat restoration services here.

Moderate Repairs (Fiberglass damage):

  • Larger cracks: Cracks that penetrate the fiberglass require fiberglass cloth, marine-grade epoxy resin, and possibly filler like marine-grade putty. The process involves grinding out the damaged area, layering fiberglass cloth with resin, then fairing and smoothing the repair.
  • Soft spots: These indicate water intrusion or delamination. The area needs to be dried thoroughly, and the damaged fiberglass needs to be replaced with new fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin.

Major Repairs (Structural damage):

  • Holes: Large holes or punctures require significant structural reinforcement. This is a complex repair best left to our team of fiberglass repair specialists to ensure watertight integrity.
  • Stress cracks: These cracks indicate deeper structural issues that need to be addressed by our team of fiberglass repair specialists.

Why We Don’t Recommend DIY Fiberglass Boat Repairs

While DIY fiberglass boat hull repairs can be tempting, there are several reasons why it might be best to leave them to a professional:

Safety Concerns:

  • Toxic chemicals: Fiberglass resins and hardeners contain hazardous chemicals that can cause skin irritation, respiratory problems, and even burns if not handled properly. We have the training and equipment to work with these materials safely.
  • Sharp tools: Grinders and other tools used for fiberglass repair can cause serious injuries if not used correctly.

Repair Expertise:

  • Assessing the damage: Accurately diagnosing the extent of the damage is crucial for a proper repair. A professional can identify underlying structural issues that a DIYer might miss.
  • Proper techniques: Applying fiberglass cloth, laying resin, and ensuring proper curing requires specific techniques to create a strong and watertight repair. We have the experience to ensure the repair is long-lasting.
  • Maintaining structural integrity: For major repairs, especially those affecting the hull’s structure, improper repairs can compromise the boat’s integrity and safety. Our team understands how to reinforce the hull and maintain its watertightness.

Cost Considerations:

  • Failed DIY repairs: A poorly done DIY repair might not only fail but also worsen the damage, leading to a more expensive professional repair later.
  • Buying unnecessary materials: You might end up buying materials you don’t use correctly or in the right quantities, leading to wasted money.

Peace of Mind:

  • Knowing it’s done right: We guarantee our work, giving you peace of mind knowing the repair is done correctly and will last.
  • Professional advice: Our team can advise you on the best course of action and future maintenance for your boat.
  • Professional survey: For older boats (over 5 years old) or those used intensively, a professional marine surveyor inspection every 3-5 years is advisable.

Holland Fiberglass has been offering marine fiberglass restoration and repair to individual boat owners, boat dealers, boat manufacturers and insurance companies in Florida for over 20 years. We have a team of 22+ full-time experienced fiberglass craftsmen and are here to help you protect your investment.

For more information on our fiberglass boat and personal watercraft repair services, call us at 813-426-5961 or contact us online

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