Car Repair and Crash Restoration

If you get in an auto accident, bring your car to us if it needs fiberglass repair. Whether you have major damage or a few minor scratches, we can get it looking like new, including brand new paint.

  • Automotive body repairs and refinishing
  • Complete repainting
  • Customized decals and decorations optional

1964 Corvette

Trailer Repair

Acura Repair and Paint

Hyundai Santa Fe Repaint

2008 Impreza

2008 Dodge Caravan

2008 Chevy Pickup Repair

2004 Honda Accord Front End Repiar

2003 Dodge Truck Bed Repiar

1996 Mustang Repainting

1982 Jeep Repainting

2007 Mountaineer

96 Toyota 4 Runner Front End Repairs and Repainting

92 Camaro Color Change

2008 Pathfinder Front Bumper Repaint

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